Convair Propliners in South Africa
Gallery of South African Convairs

Below the slide show is a list of links to photographs of SA Convairs in pre and post South African liveries
Below are links to images on other websites of the Convairs that have seen service in South Africa and/or in either pre or post South African service.

Convair Propliners in South Africa


c/n Reg Livery Link
25 N73117 Frontier, Golden Gate
25 N73117 Sierra Pacific, America Eagle
25 OO-DHG DHL Worldwide Express
25 EC-GDY DHL Worldwide Express
25 ZS-SKG Untitled
25 ZS-SKG Untitled
25 ZS-SKG Untitled
25 ZS-SKG Untitled
39 N4803C Delta Airlines
39 N4803C North Central
39 TAM-70 (1) Bolivian Air Force
39 N511GA Gulf Air
39 ZS-LYL Court, CHC, Titan Helicopter Group
39 ZS-LYL CHC Helicopters
135 N5812 Allegheny Airlines
135 OO-DHD DHL Worldwide Express
135 EC-GKH DHL Worldwide Express
135 ZS-SKK Untitled
141 ZS-KEI CHC Air
147 N100A ESSO
147 N200A ESSO
147 N73158 Lake Central
147 N5838 Allegheny Airlines
147 C-GQHA Great Lakes, Air Ontario
147 OO-DHF DHL Worldwide Express
147 EC-HJU DHL Worldwide Express
147 ZS-SKH Untitled
186 N73156 Frontier Airlines
186 OO-DHH DHL Worldwide Express
186 EC-255 DHL Worldwide Express
186 EC-GHN DHL Worldwide Express
186 ZS-SKI Untitled
215 CP-2236 Lineas Aereas Canedo
215 ZS-BRV Rovos Air
215 ZS-BRV Rovos Air
228 CP-2237 Lineas Aereas Canedo
228 CP-2237 Lineas Aereas Canedo
228 ZS-ARV Rovos Air
228 ZS-ARV Rovos Air
376 N3433 Allegheny Airlines
376 C-GQHB Nolinor Aviation
385 N3435 Allegheny Airlines
458 VH-BZH Ansett Airways
458 N8421H Allegheny Airlines
458 N5829 Allegheny Airlines
458 N537SA Summit Airlines
458 OO-DHB DHL Worldwide Express
458 EC-GBF DHL Worldwide Express
458 ZS-SKL CHC Helicopters
458 ZS-SKL THG - Titan Helicopter Group
503 SE-BSY Scandinavian Airlines - SAS
503 N8042W Air Resorts Airlines
503 OH-VKN Kar-Air