Convair Propliners in South Africa
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Convair Propliners in South Africa


The Convairliners Story

J.M. Gradidge. In collaboration with John M.Davis, Douglas D.Olson and Dr John A.Whittle.

Full histories of the Convair 110, 240, 340, 440, 540, 580, 600 & 640 as well as the military T-29 and C-131

Detailed aircraft histories

A4 Hardcover book, 336 Pages, 24 pages in full colour

Publisher: Air Britain Historians Ltd 1997
ISBN-10: 0851302432
ISBN-13: 978-0851302430
Airliner Tech Series Vol 12 - Convair Twins

Authors Nicholas A. Veronico & William T. Larkins

More than 200 b/w photos
Plus an 8-page colour section

Soft cover book
104 pages

Publisher: Specialty Press November 24, 2005
ISBN-10: 1580070736
ISBN-13: 978-1580070737
Rovos Air Convair CV440
1:200 scale diecast model by Herpa 200 Product code: HE551205
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The Convair Twins 240 to 640
One of the world's most successful airliners

Gary L Killion

Published by Macdonald and Jane's Publishers Limited 1979

Covers Convair Model 15, 240, 340, 440, Convair/Canadair 540, 580, 600 and 640.

Production list, Registration cross reference, Military cross reference.

208 pages, 130 B/W photographs

ISBN-10: 0354012401
ISBN-13: 978-0354012409
Naval Fighters Number Fourteen - Convair

Steve Ginter and Nick Williams

T-29 Flying Classroom, R4Y/C-131 Samaritan and CC-109 Cosmopolitan

USN, USCG, USAF, and Foreign

114 pages

ISBN Number: 0942612140